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I'm Evan Ball. On this episode we welcome the one and the only, Steve Vai. Steve Vai is of course way up there in the pantheon of guitar gods, playing with Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, all that before releasing the landmark instrumental rock guitar album, Passion and Warfare. In this episode we cover many topics, including how Steve learned to play guitar from Joe Satriani, why Steve is so good at what he does, the evolution of guitar playing, how his showmanship developed especially while performing with David Lee Roth, discipline versus passion, and the story behind his monumental song For The Love Of God. Ladies and gentlemen, Steve Vai.

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Clique aqui para aceder ao podcast e aqui ao vídeo. No primeiro episódio vamos conhecer a vida nas noites da Serra da Arada e o que é feito pela Natureza em Portugal. Ver Promo da série. Leia mais aqui.

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Desenhe fluxogramas, organogramas, fluxos de processos, mapas mentais e muitos outros diagramas. Now beware it bugs a lot so you need to save every minute if you don't want to waste your time. I am working on the creation of a website for an algorithm. So I need one big graph that shows the workflow of my website perfectly. Needless to say, my diagram is big.

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